The Del PradosThe Del Prados

Formed in July 2002, The Del Prados have performed locally from Punta Gorda to Naples and Fort Lauderdale. The group had its beginnings when....

Lou, as a member of a Cape Coral, Florida barbershop group, started asking around for anyone interested in Doo Wop and Rock and Roll. Not long after this Ron joined the chorus and started asking the same question. He was directed to Lou and the idea of forming a group was tossed around. They met Jeff during chorus rehearsals and talked more about forming a group. Not long after that Lou ran into Mike, an old friend from the New York Doo Wop days. The four got together and the group was launched. They had to find a name. Considering the "Del" groups of the 50's and 60's and the local Cape Coral street Del Prado, the group settled on Lou's wife Maddy's suggestion of The Del Prados!

A month or two into rehearsals, with one gig under their belt, the group began looking for a bass to round out the sound. Jeff had been singing baritone with Ken in the barbershop group.When he heard that Ken had switched to bass, Jeff invited him to a rehearsal to check out this newly formed group. After listening, Ken commented to the group that they were really serious and he was ready to give it a try. Outside Mel's Diner, as a guest of Uptown Express, the Del Prados group performed a couple of tunes and Ken looked on. He sang with them from that day on.

In these early months the group sang a cappella and then to enhance the voices and encourage listeners to dance they added musical tracks. The group is developing quite a following in SW Florida.

Jeff Gaynor


Jeff, from Wisconsin, comes from a musical family. His mother was a vocal music teacher and singer, and he has a brother that plays trombone professionally.

Ken Worley


Ken grew up in Connecticut influenced by his musical family. In Atlanta he met up with other music lovers through the Barbershop Quartet Society. He competed as a member of a registered quartet for over 10 years and refined his close harmony skills. A move to Florida was made and Ken connected with the local barbershoppers. It was at a Cape Chorale rehearsal where he met Jeff, who invited him to check out this newly formed Doo Wop group, The Del Prados.

Lou Reyes


Lou Reyes, group originator and former member of Gino and the Dells, is from Eastern Long Island, New York. He started singing at 11 years old , after hearing four young fellows singing a cappella in an alley. From that time on, everywhere he went he would start up a rock and roll group for fun. Even in his Army service he developed a group and they travelled with the entertainment company singing for the troops. At the age of 57 he started the "best group" he has ever had and is looking forward to many joyful hours of harmony.

Mike Mone


Mike Mone is from Long Island, New York and has been in the entertainment business for 34 years. He has had the pleasure of performing in such groups as, Larry Chance and the Earls (Remember Then), The Del Satins with Stan Ziska (Tear Drops Follow Me), and with many other well known entertainers from the New York area. Now his greatest pleasure is performing with 4 great guys known as The Del Prados.

Wally Bone


Wally was born and raised on Long Island New York and has been in the music business since the 1960's. He comes from a musical background, consisting of his dad and two uncles, who played in various Big Bands including Tommy Dorsey. His Uncle Red Bone arranged many Dorsey songs, including one that the Del Prado's sing, "Stardust".

Wally played with a list of Long Island bands at the same time as Mike Mone. Wallys' bands included, The Kingsmen, Aesop's Fables, The Down Five, The Year 2000, etc. Wally first sang Doo Wop with Lou, when Lou was twelve years old and the next time he saw Lou was with the Del Prados, some 45 years later! Wally filled in for some of the Del Prados in the past couple of years, and then in 2009, he was asked to join the group. He is back happily singing Doo Wop.

In Remembrance

Ronald Dellaero Ronald Dellaero, 1948 2009, a founding member of The DelPrados.

Ron was born in Brooklyn, New York, and he started singing in his early teens for private parties and high school dances. He later went on to perform with local Doo Wop groups, several nights per week, throughout the five boroughs and Long Island. On occasion, he appeared on stage with groups such as The Capris, The Belmonts, and The Drifters.  Singing Doo Wop harmony was a passion of Ron's, which he fulfilled when performing with The Del Prados.


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